"Karen has the ability to develop detailed strategies for implementation of complex processes and her flexibility to amend the strategy as circumstances changed was very helpful. She also has strong analytical and communication skills; people trust her and like to work with her."

"Karen is creative, comes up with leading edge ideas and can help get people really excited about doing something new and different."

"Karen has been a phenomenal asset to my professional development. I started working with Karen after having received a significant promotion, and found her style of coaching invaluable in helping me adjust to a heightened level of visibility and responsibility within my firm. My leadership skills have improved and I feel much more confident in my abilities at work."

"Karen was immensely helpful in the design of our latest team workout (planning session). For starters, she provided an informative and meaningful presentation on change management and creating high performance teams that really struck a chord with the team. In addition, she is an excellent coach. She guided me through the clarification of the workout objectives, and provided me with practical facilitation tools I needed to meet those objectives. I felt supported to be the best session leader I could be. And as a result of Karen's thoughtful contributions, the workout was a huge success."

"Be it written or verbal, Karen has an amazing way with words and can make the most complex seem simple and the more contentious issues, easy to digest. In short, she is an outstanding communicator - funny, engaging, informative and can really connect with her audience."

"I appreciate your courage and honesty. You take risks in asking the tough questions and in making tough decisions and you have the courage to deal with the responses whatever they may be."

"Karen's style provides hands-on treatment of issues and still links those issues back to bigger patterns in organizational behavior, so that a lesson learned in one context is easily applied to an entirely different context. I would recommend Karen's services to anyone who wants to elevate their leadership to the next level."